Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing Hilo Kailua Kona Waimea, HI

Pressure Washing Services on The Big Island of Hawaii

The exterior of your home is the first—and often last—impression your visitors have, which means that proper maintenance and cleaning are a necessity to keep it in tip-top shape, especially in the tropical climate of Hawaii. We service the entire Big Island including Hilo, Kailua, Kona, Waimea, and everywhere in between. Pressure washing has a significant effect on your home’s overall appearance because it helps clean and maintain the areas exposed to the elements.

Areas such as exterior siding, gutters, wood fencing and decks, masonry and concrete can all benefit from pressure washing because it cleans off any debris, and stains and pollutants that can damage your home over time. A good pressure washing will restore the look of your home and take years of wear off its appearance.

If you’re ready to have the exterior of your home cleaned, or your concrete and wood surfaces washed, just call (808) 365-6411.


Our pressure washing services include:

  • House (exterior)
  • Driveway (all types)
  • Fence (all materials)
  • Deck and Patio (all sizes)
  • Various Mildew Treatments